Trail Dog Program

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LOCATION:Richard Bong State Recreation Area
26313 Burlington Rd. (Hwy 142) Kansasville, WI

Train your dog while you get your exercise enjoying the beautiful scenery found at Richard Bong State Recreational Park.

This is a great program for anyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors with their dog. This is a friendly, fun, casual approach to dog training. We actually work on training while we are out on the trail. Every hike is different and we never know what to expect. Horses, wildlife, low flying game birds and other hikers with dogs are just a few of the distractions we’ve encountered. The training we do is informal and fun, geared towards good manners on the hiking trail and in public. Sometimes we get a lot of training in on a hike and sometimes we’re just trying to survive the weather and/or the bugs. Sometimes we’re just too busy telling each other funny stories and before we know it we are done. Some of the things we have worked on are:

  • No pulling on the leash (heeling is not required) (NO PULL command)
  • No jumping up on people (unless invited to do so) (OFF command)
  • Passing other hikers politely (ON BY command)
  • Navigating on steep downhills (EASY and WAIT commands)
  • Helping their owners on steep uphills (TIGHTEN UP command)
  • Walking behind owners on narrow trails (FOLLOW command)
  • No pouncing on wildlife (LEAVE IT command)

COST: Registration fee for this program is $25.00 which covers you and your dog for the year. You will receive a trail dog patch and the current hike schedule along with the hike rules. Every time you come to a scheduled hike your miles will be logged and tallied. Awards (mileage patches) will be given once you reach mileage totals of 25, 50 and 100 miles. If you think you might like to check out this program please contact us and we will answer any questions you have!

Trail Dog Schedule

Spring is finally here and it’s time to hit the trails! We will be meeting in the trail head parking lot. Distance and trail will be determined at that time, depending on the weather conditions.
** Trail/Distance to be hiked will be determined day of the hike based upon weather and hiker consensus (in-other-words: whatever we feel like doing that day) **

If anyone is interested in having a WEEKDAY MORNING HIKE let us know so we can add it to the schedule. We are available most mornings.

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Be careful who walks who…

Trail Dog Experience

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